Friday, April 30, 2010

Sole Meurniere

Tonight I made Sole Meurniere... I hope that's spelled right. It's a very fancy sounding dinner that maybe costs ten bucks for two people. PS - I do not like fish. At least cooked. Sushi is great, but I've never liked the "fishy" taste of fish. Let's see how this turns out.

3 Sole Filets
Zest and Juice of a lemon
2 ish Tb Butter
Salt, Pepper

Retrospective thoughts: I am in need of a better lemon zester or microplane and a fish turner if I'm going to keep trying to make fish. And a potato ricer. But that's just because Grandpa says you need one to make gnocchi.


  1. Love the blog! New pan? You can freeze the other pieces of fish for another time. Editorial note... you also like scallops, crab legs and shrimp. Great job!

  2. I appreciate the jew-parsley shout out. i do not appreciate the sandra lee moment at the much. yay for baby's first liking cooked fish!