Friday, April 2, 2010

Matzo Ball Soup

At last, some success. In honor of Passover, the end of winter, and being diagnosed with strep throat, I made chicken soup with matzo balls, to great acclaim from Steve.

Also in this video: The first appearance of my wonderful, fabulous, beautiful, new cast iron dutch oven, care of Mom.


  1. The soup was so good. I like to talk about balls!

  2. Thanks for the thanks about the pot. Tips from Mom... Use a small hand mixer (no reason to take out the big one). We will get you a small one. You don't have to take the chicken out if you don't want to when doing the balls. The water should be slowly boiling when dropping the balls in. You don't have to oil your hands, warm water will work as well.

    Very proud of your first attempt at soup.

  3. yaaay premiere of the dutch oven! also yaaay premiere of steve lol

    I have never attempted matzoh ball soup by myself, so this was entertaining AND educational...always a good thing :)

  4. Jenny!!! This is the first video I got to watch.. LOVED it. Tying the bouquet to the side of the pot is very clever! This is really awesome. When I move out, I would love to make some cooking videos/blogs like these - I definitely don't know my way around a kitchen yet :)

    Also! You have the same duck measuring cups I have!! I can't wait to use them when I move out!

    Miss you Jenny!
    <3 Gillian