Thursday, April 1, 2010

Asparagus Risotto

So, after the last fiasco that was my Gnocchi (French Fries) and Stewed Tomatoes (Ketchup), I decided to cook something I actually have in the past. Asparagus Risotto with Parmesan. ((EDIT: Thank you, Jessica, for correcting me. I did not cover my risotto in sauce and cheese and bake it a la parmigiana.))

Soon to come: Matzo Ball Soup.

And vegan cookies. I didn't forget.


  1. You do make a mean risotto! Enjoy watching your blog...

  2. agreed! i heart your risotto :) i also heart this blog. and you <3

  3. Very informative. Good job, baby :0)

  4. Hahah, "can't cook, yet!" Nice intro. At least you can cook one dish=) This would be your go-to dish=)