Monday, March 29, 2010

Gnocchi with Stewed Tomatoes

In this video, I attempt some potato gnocchi with stewed tomatoes. Underline attempt. A few times.

After eating a few of my fries or latkes or whatever my not-gnocchi were, I went to Mom's house for dinner. And forgot to ask for a masher.

Soon to come: Vegan cookies for my hippie brother.


  1. Yes, we can trade potato mashers! Love watching you explore the art of cooking and in the end... enjoyed having you oveer for dinner! Tomato paste will thicken the sauce. Butter burns easily at a high heat. You do make a mean asparagas risotto! Love, Mom

  2. I like the post-cooking fiasco on-screen comments.

  3. I also appreciated the Sound of Music joke. I am commenting as I watch.