Friday, March 26, 2010

Steak, Brussel Sprouts, and Potatoes

Hi, I'm Jenny. And I cannot cook. Yet.

I'm an absolute addict when it comes to cooking shows. Food Network, Top Chef, No Reservations... if someone's cooking, I'm watching. But I had never tried to cook anything (though I am a wiz at scrambling an egg.)

So for my first adventure, I tried cooking a steak for the first time, with a side of brussel sprouts and mashed potatoes. Here we go.

((PS - Just so you know, there was about an hour of footage before I got this down to the ten minute Youtube limit. Thank god for that limit, or this video would have been painful to watch.))


  1. i can't believe i watched this whole thing. i must really like you a lot. more than you liked those brussel sprouts, for sure. :-)

  2. Loved the cooking show! Hold the handle of the pan while stirring. Can't wait until you film a souffle! Mom

  3. Love the anthropologie apron of course. But I loved it, it was very entertaining and funny, a new kind of cooking show! -Allie

  4. Whoever got you that apron is a genius of fashion.

    You should cook for him/her soon.

    Vegan cookies maybe...

  5. i was amused quite often. i liked when you said garlic was godly. i'll def have to come to your new place and bumble around the kitchen with you soon.

  6. Pretty good for not being a cook. Good job.