Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Baked Ziti!

This is the absolutely laziest blog to date. I had intended to make Challah - a four hour process culminating in the symphonic six strand braiding of properly raised, beaten, raised again hand made dough.

But that didn't happen.

I went to the supermarket, all optimism and skipping, bought yeast, eggs, honey... and forgot flour. So I could either make a yeast and honey omelet, or postpone the Challah adventure.

Distraught and disgruntled, I begrudgingly recorded myself making the laziest dinner (next to boxed macaroni) in existence. It consists of opening packages, throwing them in the general direction of a clean baking dish, and applying fire.

I call this "Thank-You-ShopRite-for-Doing-All-The-Measuring-For-Me... Baked Ziti"!

Box of Pasta
Jar of Sauce
Half a Container of Ricotta
Bag of Mozzerella
Herbs to make things pertyful.

Boil pasta. Throw everything in a pan. Mix. Cover in cheesey goodness. Sprinkle with herbs in a last ditch attempt to pretend to have an actually useful cooking show. Bake at 425 until deliciously brown and melty.


  1. @Rebecca from Chow and Chatter Doesn't get much more simple than "Throw things in pan and cook" hehe thanks for watching!