Sunday, August 1, 2010

Beurre Blanc

Here's another Julia recipe. There's actually a very adorable scene in Julie and Julia where she's describing this sauce to her sister, and her husband describes it as "Tangy," thoroughly insulting Julia. Well, in general, the movie is adorable.

And apparently I'm on a not-so-official quest to cook every recipe that appeared in the movie. So far I have made:

Bruschetta (Julie makes it before starting the blog)
Sole Meurniere
Boef Bourginnon
Beurre Blanc
Artichokes and Hollandaise... have I missed anything?
I don't know that I will ever bone a duck.

2 1/2 Tb White Wine Vinegar
2 1/2 Tb White Wine
1 Tb Minced Shallot
Salt and Pepper
2 Sticks of Buttah (oh lordie.)
Lemon Juice

Combine Vinegar, Wine, Shallots, Salt, and Pepper and boil until "syrupy." Take off heat and throw in two chunks of butter. When the butter is almost completely creamed into the sauce, add another chunk and put back on LOW heat. Add in one chunk at a time until your heart is mentally prepared to handle what is about to come. Take off the heat and add Lemon Juice to taste. Easy peezy japaneezy.


  1. First of all... glad you are okay after your cooking accident. Spending the evening with you at the hospital was something I don't care to redo... Second of all... glad Dad and I could give you the opportunity to continue to learn to cook. And finally (for now), glad you like to eat fish - all looks delish!

  2. yes, i know. i fail at buerre blanc-ing. i loves you too...and your jewish hands :) xoxoxo