Thursday, August 5, 2010

Apple Tartlets with Caramel Saucey Squeezy Bottle Thing

I'm so exhausted from cooking (and fighting Caramel off of two pots), I barely have the energy to write this post. But write I must! I had no recipe for this, partly inspired by the book Ratio, partly inspired by a not-so-nice message I got from a "friend" on Youtube. So, here you go, guy who's screen name I don't remember! My cooking without a recipe.

Ingredients for Dough:
6 Oz Flour
4 Oz Buttah
2 Oz Water
1 Tb Sugar
Pinch of Salt

Ingredients for Apple Filling: (AKA Whatever tastes good.)
2 Apples, brunoise
Some Sugar
Some Cinnamon
Some Nutmeg
Some Vanilla
Some Lemon Juice

Do not make the caramel. I will not give you the recipe.

Make your pie crust (you know how. If you don't, look at the Quiche or Apple Tart Tatine posts.) Let cool in the fridge.

Brunoise your Apples and combine all Appley ingredients in a bowl. Let sit for a while to let the juices exude from the apples.

Fill your tart cups with dough, poke holes in them, and let cool again. After getting too impatient to let them cool, par-bake your tarts for 10 minutes in a 400 degree oven.

Saute the Apple mixture in a little Buttah until halfway cooked, or al dente, or whatever relative and arbitrary term you'd like to use. Don't let them get mushy, just give them a head start in cooking and let them soak up the buttery goodness.

Fill your tarts with Appley stuff and bake for 20 minutes. Delicious!


  1. love the tartlets and your assortment of kitchen toys!!!

  2. Yum yum yum! Looks delish and $#% u whoever that was on U tube!