Saturday, April 30, 2011

Corn Soup with Cilantro Oil

I cooked way too much last night. There is a dish monster waiting for me in the kitchen covered in purees, gravies, and butter. It may be delicious, but as the day grows longer, it's growing stronger. Wish me luck.

Anyhoo, Corn Soup. Use good corn when making this, because... that's just about all it tastes like. Just a warning.

1 Corn Cob per Serving (I used 3)
1 Small Potato per 4 Cobs (I used a whole potato for 3, and it turned out rather potatoey)
A Shallot
A sploosh of Cream

A handful of Cilantro
About a cup of Olive Oil

Sweat (not brown, as I did) a Shallot in oil. Add the diced Potato and cover with water (or stock if you're fancy schmancy and not a cheap-o like me.) Cook until mashable. While they're cooking, get that thar corn off that thar cob, turn the knife over, and scrape out the juicy bits. When the potatoes are smooshy, add the corn and heat through. Buzz the suckers, add some cream, and season to deliciousness. Blend Cilantro and Oil together, season, and garnish the soup.


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